Hightower Baptist Association
Friday, January 19, 2018

Office Services


Office Hours are by appointment.

Address: 5975 Parkway North Blvd. Suite A  Cumming, GA 30040

Phone number: 770-205-1222

Some of the services we provide include:


We offer to send the mail-outs for all Associational churches and committees for free.

If your church needs to mail out Ordination announcements, announcements, etc., to churches within our association we can help!

We can put pictures on our website of any associational church events. If you want to share pictures of your church in action, send an e-mail to hightowerbaptist@bellsouth.net and send the photo as an attachmnent.
The Hightower office has a library containing minute books from previous years. We also have many other kinds of association and church history books. If you are interested in getting some minute books for your collection, please contact us.

The Hightower Baptist Office has recently received 30 CD's of muliple preachers delievering sermons. The Hightower Office would be happy to make copies of these sermons for you. Click here to see a list of the preachers and the dates of the sermons. You may chose the sermons you want and we will put them all on a CD for you.   

This is just a note from the North Central Missions Office to all who will be placing a banner order.
When e-mailing your order, please give the following information:
Print Size
Grommets – yes or no
Number of Banners
Date you would like to pick it up
*Reminder: we ask for 7 days for completion
The banner printer is a wonderful resource. If you have never submitted a banner, there is help on our website at www.northcentralga.org under Banner Instructions.
Curtis Meador
Associate Area Missionary
North Central Missions Center
770-345-1555 office